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Does my hearing protection meet UK standards?

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QUESTION: Today it is very easy for individuals and companies to source their hearing protection outside of the UK. The global market has significantly increased the choice, availability and type of hearing protection available. However, how do you know that the hearing protection you are purchasing will meet all safety requirements in the UK and… Read more »

Insta-Mold for your ears only!

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It has long been considered that Custom Hearing Protection attracts a customised price tag! Insta-Mold is changing this fact and for the first time in the UK and Ireland direct moulded custom hearing protection that meet CE can be supplied within hours and at a fraction of the cost of lab-moulded products. The versatility of… Read more »

The toxic truth about disposable earplugs

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It is not disputed that earplugs protect from the noise exposure risks of industrial processes, shooting and motorsport and that the single-use disposable earplug remains the most common type of hearing protection in use today. In fact, the familiar 3M E-A-R Classic earplug is still commonly used in workplaces despite them being commercially introduced as… Read more »