Insta-Mold meets all CE certification for hearing protection as well as ANSI 352-2:2002. With a noise attenuation of SNR 21dB for filtered options and up to SNR 29dB for high noise areas Insta Mold offers the ultimate flexible solution in assist you in meeting the UK Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (CONAWR). Safety breakway leash options, acoustic communication filters, metal detectable silicones and leashes and hygienic storage pouches, serial numbering and a full colour range completes the industrial package. For full protection specification please view our download section.

Insta-Mold provides a solution that is comfortable and accepted by workers, that meets all safety requirements and can be fitted within hours. Over the 3 to 4 year lifetime a set of Insta-earplugs are cheaper than disposable hearing protection and up to 75% savings to your hearing protection budgets can be made when considering in-house manufacture.

Our Insta-mold agents can either provide quotation for undertaking the direct ear impression procedure on site and fitting and supplying the completed Insta-Mold product or we can assist in training a dedicated individual within your organisation to undertake ear impressions and manufacture your own in-house hearing protection using Insta-Mold products.

Within an organisation this would normally be an occupational health employee but any employee demonstrating the correct level of competence and with the right level of training would be suitable. Contact us to find out more about training and managing your own in-house custom hearing protection programme.

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