Water Sports


Surfers Ear problems or Swimmers Ear infections? Or perhaps you just don’t like water in your ears. Insta-Mold offers the ultimate water sport earplug, bright colours that make a real statement, fantastic seal against water ingress and made from silicone that floats! just in case you drop them in the pool!

All Insta-Mold products are made from floating, hypo-allergenic medical grade silicones and are expected to last 3 to 4 years in use. The fully custom fit ensures long standing comfort and water ingress protection during your sport activity and have become popular with Surfers, Swimmers, Kite Surfers, Kayakers and Canoeists. Due to the fully fit and seal of Insta-Mold swimplugs then they are not suitable for SCUBA or free diving activities. For full SNR hearing protection specification of the Insta-Mold products and suggested RRP then please view our downloadable pages.

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