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Insta-Mold for your ears only!

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It has long been considered that Custom Hearing Protection attracts a customised price tag! Insta-Mold is changing this fact and for the first time in the UK and Ireland direct moulded custom hearing protection that meet CE can be supplied within hours and at a fraction of the cost of lab-moulded products.

The versatility of Insta-Mold determines that the NHS can supply ‘swim-plugs’ or custom hearing protection in as little as 2 hours. The industrial sector can manage their own in-house custom hearing protection programmes and fit all their employees at a fraction of the price and custom hearing protection can be made on site at private weekend shooting events, festivals or motorcycle meetings.

Insta-Mold products can be manufactured and supplied by anyone who has appropriate ear impression experience or qualification. The medical grade, two-part, hypo-allergenic, ‘Insta-Mold’ silicone is direct moulded into the ear to form a CE certified custom hearing protection product that is lacquer coated and fitted with optional acoustic filters. With a Single Number Rating (SNR) of between 20dB and 29dB and with a life expectancy of up to four years then they are well suited for most applications.  Insta-Mold products include ‘snag-free’ safety leashes and fully traceable options for the food and drinks industry, and if you are supplying to the water-sport market then they float too! The wide colour range and swirl effects finally provide a product that not only meets the comfort needs of the wearer but makes a real statement too.

Audiologists, Hearing Aid Dispensers, Occupational Nurses, Hearing Therapists and any individual that has appropriate ear-impression training can become an Insta-Mold Agent and manufacture direct moulded hearing protection devices within hours and without the significant set up facilities of an ear-mould lab. This is of particular benefit to the NHS in the application of swimmers earplugs or industrial contracts which can be managed in-house and at a fraction of the cost of lab-moulded products. The product also provides a custom moulded option with excellent profit margins for the private hearing sector markets.

For more details, pricing and how to become an Insta-Mold agent then please contact 0845 653 0233 or visit the website at