Insta Mold


Start your Insta-Mold Business!

We need more Insta-Mold providers within the UK and Ireland. No previous experience is required to become an Insta-Mold agent as full training and appropriate BSA (British Society of Audiology) accredited ear impression training can be attained.

Within the UK and Ireland Insta-Mold silicones are available as a raw material with all the accessories you will need to make Insta-Mold CE certified hearing protection products that you are then able to promote and sell within the UK and Ireland as your own independent businesses. Insta-Mold is not sold as a franchise arrangement giving you ultimate responsibility and flexibility on how little or how much you wish to grow your Insta-Mold business.

The individual undertaking the impression procedure will require basic ear impression training which can be achieved by completing short accredited courses in the UK. Health professionals such as Audiologist, Hearing dispensers, hearing therapists, associate audiologists and other healthcare professionals may already have suitable competence and will be able to start their Insta Mold business immediately.

Just contact us for our free Agents information pack and we will provide you with all details to guide you through the process and assist you in starting your own Insta-Mold business.

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