Insta Mold


What is Insta-Mold?

The clue is in the name, Insta-Mold is a ‘direct moulded’ fully CE certified instant silicone enabling custom made hearing protectors to be made within hours whilst on site or at events and shows.The colour range and design of Insta-Mold provides an in-the-ear hearing protection earplug that really makes a statement and provides outstanding noise reduction. Insta-Mold plugs can be provided to individuals or the raw materials can be provided to suitably qualified professionals for self-manufacturing.

Insta-Mold silicones conform to UK hearing protection requirements, are fully CE certified and meet European Safety Standards. Insta-Mold silicones are true elastomers of medical grade ensuring that they are hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and virtually non-shrinkable. Insta-Mold is robust and tear resistant and will flex within the ear canal to maintain fit and long standing comfort. With no mechanical parts they can be easily cleaned and maintained and have a life expectancy of up to 4 years. Every set carries a years warranty and is provided with a storage pouch and client care instructions.

Insta-Mold can be varied depending on the individual requirement; acoustic filters can be fitted to maintain communication, fitted or breakaway safety leash options, Insta-Mold can be provided in traceable metal detectable silicones, glow in the dark or as a basic un-filtered earplug which may be more suitable for swimming or higher levels of hearing protection. The Insta Mold can be also be provided as a filtered CIC (Complete-In-Canal) which will offer further comfort, more discrete protection, and is especially useful for sleeping.

Who invented Insta-Mold?

Insta-Mold Products Inc. was established in 1970, by Sydney M. Gurschkov, Ph.D.  Combining a chemistry background with his experience as a certified hearing aid dispenser, he developed The Insta-Mold silicones and the process for instant custom ear moulds and earplugs. In 1971, Audiologist, Garry G. Gordon, M.S. launched his American company E.A.R. Inc. which at that time supported Americas major corporations in complying with state and federal noise regulations. It wasn’t long before they combined their professional talents to research and manufacture the use of these silicones in the hearing industry and international recognition for Insta-Mold demanded worldwide distribution.

Who distributes Insta-Mold?

Growing European demand for Insta Mold has resulted in Garry Gordon’s daughter, Hollyn, along with partner Patrick Keller, establishing 2pluxx GmbH as the European Distributer of Insta-Mold products. Soundguard Acoustics Ltd became the UK and Ireland Distributer of Insta-Mold products in 2012. Soundguard Acoustics Ltd is run by former NHS Audiologist and now Acoustic Consultant Rob Shaddick, MSc, MIOA who has worked with Insta-Mold products since 2003. Insta-Mold hearing protection products are provided to individuals and organisations through a number of independent agents within the UK and Ireland. If you wish to become a provider of Insta-Mold products then please contact us.

Can I become an Insta-Mold provider?

Yes! we need more Insta-Mold agents throughout the UK and Ireland. No previous experience is required as full training and BSA accreditation in ear impression techniques is provided. View our download sections on how to become an Insta-Mold agents and contact us to start your Insta-Mold business today.

What is the RRP of Insta-Mold products?

All suggested RRP are provided in the downloads section on the right of this page. Prices include colour options, storage pouch & fitting instructions. Additional fees may be applicable for fitted leash, traceable leashes, breakway leashes, glow in the dark colours, postage, VAT or Agents travel arrangements. Prices indicated are a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) but may vary between Agents, prices quoted in UK pounds sterling.

How many Insta-Mold custom products are there?

Essentially there are two basic forms of the Insta-Mold hearing protection. The Insta-Mold full shell and the Insta-Mold CIC (Completely-in-Canal). By adding filters, leash options, breakaway safety leashes, metal traceable silicones (for food and drinks industry) and even glow in the dark colours then a truly customised range of hearing protectors for various sports, industry and leisure is achieved. Further communication earplugs can be achieved with in-the-ear speaker technology additions to the Insta-Mold earplugs.

Is Insta-Mold safe?

Insta-Mold is a fully certified CE marked product for the use of Hearing Protection in Europe and conforms to BS EN 352-2:2002 (Hearing protectors, Safety requirement and testing. Ear-plugs). The silicones are non-toxic, hypo-allergenic medical grade silicones.

How much noise attenuation can Insta-Mold provide?

The Insta-Mold solid full shell will provide an Single Number Rating (SNR) value of 29dB. The Insta-Mold filtered full shell will provide an SNR value of 21dB and the Insta-Mold filtered CIC will provide an SNR value of 20dB. Full protection specification is provided in our downloadable section.  

What other safety features can Insta-Mold provide?

Insta-Mold can be supplied with a safety leash (with optional breakaway for industrial applications) and metal traceable silicone with tracer leash for the food and drinks industry. They can be supplied filtered, to aid communication, or un-filtered where a higher level of protection is required. Everything you need for your type of sport, interest or industrial safety requirement.  

Can companies manufacture their own Insta-Mold protection?

Yes, training and materials can be provided to industrial companies to form their own in-house Insta-Mold hearing protection products. Training your own occupational nurse or other suitable employee can save you up to 75% on the cost of comparable lab moulded products. Contact us for more details on training and advice.

How quickly can I get protected with Insta-Mold?

The leading benefit of Insta-Mold is fast turnaround time. The product can be made by Agents at shows, events and on industrial sites to provide a turnaround within a few hours. However, where the product is taken away to be finished it is expected that our Agents provide a turnaround time within 7 to 10 days.

Is there an Insta-Mold colour choice?

Insta-Mold is provided in a range of 11 colours and a glow in the dark option. Single colours or twin and triple colour combinations can be used to create eye catching designs and the base colours can also be combined to create further shades and skin tones. When combining the diverse colour range with variations in colour ratio mix quantity and swirl effects then true customized individual design that really make a statement can be achieved.  

What is the lifetime & warranty of Insta-Mold products?

Insta-Mold is a custom product and will be subject to natural anatomical changes within the individual’s ears. The expected typical lifetime of Insta-Mold Custom Hearing Protectors is 3 to 4 years with the degree of fit affected by the shape of the individual ear. Insta-Mold does not deteriorate significantly and where the ear shape remains stable the fit of the Insta-Mold may extend beyond this typical time period. Each Insta-Mold product is guaranteed for 1 year but is not guaranteed against loss.  

When is Insta-Mold not recommended?

Although children can be fitted with Insta-Mold it should be made aware that due to the developing size of their ears. Young children would need new pairs every 6 – 12 months. Insta-Mold is not suitable for SCUBA diving or free-diving & should not be used for these sports.

Is Insta-Mold suitable for medical ear conditions?

For any Custom Ear Protection product further advice and caution may be necessary where the individual has undergone previous ear surgery, has evidence of infected or discharging ears, large perforations, grommets, mastoids or similar. The experience of the audiologist or the trained individual undertaking the procedure is relied upon to ensure that it is safe to proceed with an ear impression. Where further concern exists, or where the ear examination has raised any point of concern, then referral or the advice of their GP should be sought before proceeding with ear impressions.